Eagle Mfg UI-50-FS Gasoline Can

Eagle Mfg UI-50-FS Gasoline Can

Eagle Mfg UI-50-FS Gasoline Can

by Eagle

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    5 Gallon, Type l, Safety Gasoline Can With F-15 Funnel, Heavy Gauge Steel, Sturdy Bottom Rim and Carrying Handle, Patented Comfort Grip Trigger Release, Brass Pour Spout and Flame Arrestor, UL, ULC, and FM Approved.

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    This can is CARB and EPA compliant; also, a review of plastic vs. galvanized steel cans, June 24, 2012
    This review has three parts: a CARB/EPA section, followed by a section comparing this can to other gas cans on the market, followed by my personal experiences using my cans.

    The short story: YES these cans are CARB and EPA compliant, and are safer and more durable than plastic cans or steel cans with plastic spouts.

    The long story:


    CARB stands for California Air Resources Board. They established environmental requirements for portable fuel containers in California, but many other states adopted the same regulation (CT, DE, D.C., ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, and VA), and finally the federal EPA adopted the same regulation, making CARB-approved cans the standard across all 50 states starting January 1, 2009. Portable fuel cans and nozzles sold MUST be CARB compliant or manufacturers face huge fines.

    Here's why these CARB/EPA laws worried me: CARB is supposed to fine only manufacturers, but you will sometimes hear.

    Excellent Gas Can for the money, December 10, 2010
    A fan "Hawk" (PA)
    I bought 2 of these cans after searching and searching for a can that is reliable and cost-effective. The new carb rules force gas can manufactureres to have spouts that are very difficult to use and/or get off the can for refilling. There are some decent aftermarket HDPE gas cans with vents used for filling race cars or dune buggies and such, but usually these are tall and square and require some sort of holder to transport them in your vehicle so they do not topple over. Plus, many of them look homemade to some degree and I question the longevity of some of the seals that are used.

    These cans work great. I did fill up a car and to do so I have to remove the funnel and insert it upside down (the piece that fits over the can facing toward the sky) so that I could pour gas right from the can into the funnel. Otherwise I would only been able to get 1-2 gallon our of the can into the car due to the angle of the funnel (the funnel is not flexible). At the end of pouring 10.

    Fantastic design with a small caveat, July 20, 2007
    Mike (USA)
    This gas can is by far the best gas can I have ever owned. The spring loaded cap keeps the gas in the can and the funnel allows much easier pouring than any other system I've seen. The only issue is that when the air in the can has heated up, a slight amount of pressure develops that you have to release by opening the spring loaded cap before you try to pour. Otherwise if you open the cap with gas already at the brim some of it will sort of spray into the air.

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